Pet Connection
We save their lives......They save our Hearts
This a list of our documents.  You can download any document you need and fill it out and return it to us.
- Use this form if you want to become a volunteer with Max's Pet Connection.
    - If you would like to become a foster parent use this application.
 - Use this form if you wish to surrender a small dog to us. 
​   Please call 352-669-2855  or 352-575-1959 to see if we are able      to  accept the dog you wish to surrender.  If you do surrender a          dog, Please have all available medical records of the dog available to    give  to the volunteer that accepts your dog.
- Use this form if you want to adopt a dog from us.  we now require   a $25 non refundable application fee to process the application.       If we approve the application  the fee will go towards the adoption   fee for the dog.  For the people who apply on line you can pay the     fee through the donate button on our home page.