Pet Connection
We save their lives.....They save our Hearts
If you are considering buying a dog, try fostering first.   It gives you a feel about caring for a dog of your own but no  expenses.  Fostering can turn out to be a rewarding experience for both you and the dog. 
​The dog will reap the benefits of a safe and loving shelter and you  can learn to appreciate the world around you from the dog's point of view.  Many people don't know what their true lifestyle or energy is until they have a dog.

​ Fostering can be a great prelude into being a dog owner.   Your own personal fulfillment that you helped a homeless animal find a forever home will last forever.  The experience of fostering a dog can be a life changing experience for us too.

Fostering is perhaps the most important part of the vol-
unteer program and the most difficult to fill.  We have new
dogs coming into our rescue frequently.  While the dogs we
have now are loved and well cared for, our dream is to
have a foster home for each and every dog.  Many of our
foster parents are taking care of more than one dog at a
time now so to be able to place each and every dog in their
very own foster home would enable our foster parents to
spend even more time training and helping these homeless animals. 

Being a foster parent costs you nothing but time and love.  All our veterinarian ex-
penses and grooming needs are paid for by the rescue.  All we ask is that you provide
your foster with time, love and attention, food and water, and a safe enviroment in
which to live until he or she is adopted into their forever home.  What you get back is more rewarding than what can be put into words.   People often shy away from fostering because they are afraid they will get attached to the dog.   Yes, you will get attached but the giving up part will be easier than you think when you consider that the dog is going to its forever home and there will be another homeless dog to take its place.  If you never had a dog, consider fostering first.  This will let you know if you are ready for one.  Fostering can prove to be a positive experience for both human and canine.  It can be a wonderful introduction to being a dog owner, and the personal fulfillment of knowing you played an instrumental role in helping a dog transition from shelter to a forever home can last forever.

Some of the things to be considered should you want to become a foster parent.  You must be at least 21 years old.  Foster dogs must be transported to our adoption events every Saturday.  Sometimes returning a dog after you have become "attached" can be emotionally difficult for some foster parents.  Foster dogs must be transported to and from the vet office for whatever medical issue that may arise.  You will need to monitor the dogs in your care.  A reasonable amount of time away from a foster dog is not more than 8 hours.

Consider opening up your heart to one of our wonderful babies and becoming a part of their transition from homeless to forever homes.  Remember, Max's Pet Connection provides the veterinary care, grooming, and medicine for the foster animals and lots of support for the foster parents.  Foster parents provide the food, love and attention, and shelter.  To become a foster parent to one of our dogs you can click on the contact button, give us a call, or come see us at one of our adoption events.